Ever Preparing For Sudden Fame And Attention
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Ever Preparing For Sudden Fame And Attention

While reading about some updates about the Olympic games and which country seems to be winning in various sports there were a few stories of athletes who were completely shocked that they won and it of course hasn’t fully registered with them yet. In may ways it’s probably the same feeling a sudden lottery winner may get where you don’t exactly k now if you will ever win the big jackpot.

But it did make me wonder does anyone ever truly prepare for these moments? I have often heard some criticism in these scenarios where people have the whole world’s attention and because they are unprepared they fail to capitalize on it. For example, maybe they run a business or wishes to support one that helped them so much but at the end they never took advantage of the spotlight to do so.

I don’t know if you can ever truly prepare for something like this other than seeing what comes your way and taking whatever opportunity you feel aligns with your goals.

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