Ever Dare To Be A Rebel Against Business Laws

Ever Dare To Be A Rebel Against Business Laws

In some parts of the world there are huge restrictions where in order to dine in at restaurants people must provide proof of vaccination in order to enter. Even if the business doesn’t agree with it they have to follow what the current law says that they must do. While there were some who attempted to not check, eventually an inspector would find out and they would get fined. I was then reading other ideas that some companies were implementing such as take out orders only where a table s setup outside that is technically independent from the business and people dine out that way.

That’s definitely a loophole. But it did bring up the thought on whether or not if you disagree with rules and regulations would you ever dare to go against them which ultimately means you may potentially have to close up? I would imagine most people wouldn’t dare to do this as it is simply easier to comply. I’m sure there are plenty of times in history where a mass majority of businesses decided to say protest in unison that forced regulators to reverse course.

It’s not something most people ever prepare for I would imagine even though we prepare for most other potential hurdles in running a business.

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