Ever A Good Time To Buy A New Computer
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Ever A Good Time To Buy A New Computer

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With the need to use more video conferencing solutions and creating digital solutions for people it feels like it is about time to buy a new computer. The one I am using is literally over ten years old as I built it a long time ago. It amazes me that it is still functioning today, but to do certain tasks the outdated parts at times is simply costing a lot of time which can mean money in the end. So recently I have been researching what is coming out and what would be best as this would be one of those long term investments.

Items like the CPU and video card would be the most expensive purchase where you don’t usually want the absolute best as it is so expensive and will drop in price rapidly. At the same time you don’t want tech that is on its way out in a few months where you could have had something five times better for the same price as an example. But with that in mind the pattern started as expected where every time you think you may have chosen the ideal setup there is news about companies releasing something new three months down the road. This just keeps going to the point where you won’t buy anything.

So it kind of makes you wonder when should you just buy something knowing that something better may come out soon? To me it just comes down to whether or not I absolutely need it now. For the computer I am using I can still use it, although slow in some cases, but that gives me the flexibility to hold out. However, if someone all of a sudden told me they have a $10,000 job for me where not getting a new computer could mean the difference between spending one month or a week on a project then that just makes sense to buy the best deal now. Basically, if for sure it will make you money then you should realistically invest in it.

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