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Eventually Getting Work Done For Free

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This was kind of crazy as I was talking to a guy who recently started a business and tried to get a web presence for it. For the most part he did. He had a tight budget and so I was curious how much money he spent to make it as I know he didn’t have the technical skills to do it himself. Apparently, he didn’t have to pay anything.

What he did was that he was persistent in finding people such as new student graduates from schools who were willing to work on things like his site for free for experience and a portfolio. He kept doing this for mostly everything that is along the lines of a creative or design related task. Even things like photography. All in all, he must have saved hundreds of dollars this way.

People usually wonder why places like Craigslist are constantly filled with people who have a job offer where there is no monetary compensation but rather just the promise that you will be credited for your work. Cause like with his example a lot of people are willing to do it. Must be kind of risky though if you need after support.

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