Evaluating Quality Based On Modern Day Solutions

Evaluating Quality Based On Modern Day Solutions

The new years often means many people will start to buy new tools and resources for some kind of new venture. For many they will also just continue to use what they have as it seems to work. This got me thinking as I was thinking of doing more audio recording for various projects and as I tinkered around with the equipment I had it made me realize that it doesn’t sound very crisp compared to what I remembered.

The main reason I always thought it was good enough is because the speakers I would listen through for these types of work were often just basic speakers on say your laptop or phone. But as I heard it from a better quality headphone it sounded well below the standard from all the audio you hear even from solo operated podcasts as an example.

There are probably so many times this happens where we never bother to test something with a different set of tools and environment to evaluate if we need to adapt to modern times. Instead, we just say it works and sounds good from our end and so there is no need to change right?

This is a clear example where even if something still technically works you could be putting yourself at an extreme disadvantage as the output quality can make it seem well below the par of everyone else as if you aren’t putting in as much effort into your work.

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