Evaluating Money And Time Saved Overall
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Evaluating Money And Time Saved Overall

I usually spend a lot of time walking as I actually prefer it as my main form of transportation at this point in time. While it obviously isn’t as time efficient as say a car I end up saving a ton of money. The savings come not only from not having to pay all the fees associated with a car but at the same time I am getting my exercise too where I don’t have to spend extra money on things like a gym membership. So for my current lifestyle it is an ideal fit. You can imagine because of this I walk over 16km a day on average.

One of my friend was commenting on this on how he can’t believe how I can walk that much where at the same time it sounds so time consuming. Overall it’s probably about a 2 hour walk a day and with that I mentioned how for a lot of people it takes them over an hour to commute back and forth from work each day where after people often set aside time to exercise. For myself I did it all at once. This actually changed his view of it as opposed to just directly comparing someone driving to someone walking to the same destination each day.

It just doesn’t sound that insane afterwards when you think about it where in many ways you can say the time investment for each scenario is kind of the same where it comes down to preference as to how you want to get things done in a way. Of course if your job is literally a 2 hour drive each way then that would over the top to try and walk that each day. But then I would say does your place of employment for your life truly requires you to be that far? The exaggeration would be if you took a pay cut but it meant you can work from home with no commuting would you do it? Looking at the overall picture often shows a different view.

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