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Ethnicity Targeted Deals

Wasn’t this interesting. I was glancing at this advertisement for a promotion as some people were questioning how a company could offer a promotion that targeted people of a specific ethnic background. Essentially, the advertisement had some kind of Hindi term which apparently was expressing something exciting.

I was reading the fine print for the deals though and nothing actually stated that you would be denied the offer if you weren’t say a South Asian. So, it appeared to be more about establishing a theme for whatever reason such as more common items such as saying the father’s or mother’s day sale. Like with that, the business won’t say turn you down if you aren’t a parent yourself.

I’m surprised how sensitive people are with that though as in almost everything you can think of there are usually campaigns like these which target specific groups of people. Then again, most advertisements want a little bit of controversy in a good way as people will keep talking about the product. Although, I think in most cases if people can save some money in these cases they wouldn’t care too much about what theme the advertisement revolves around.

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