Establish Your Work And Income or Find Your Lifemate First
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Establish Your Work And Income or Find Your Lifemate First

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I went to get a haircut yesterday from the usual people that I have been seeing for awhile now. It’s good too as the couple who do the haircuts also owns the business. Ever since they moved their operations to downtown we would often talk about business issues such as the cost of leasing a space. They pick my brain in regards to what I thought about some of their expansion plans which is always fun as I also get to learn more about the industry they are in too.

I guess when you get comfortable relating to people on specific issues that you tend to want to know more about their everyday life events. As a result, it seems like every time I drop by now they always ask if I have found the right girl even though I mention before that I don’t exactly go actively looking since I am focusing more on business while trying to learn and experience as much as I can in life at this point. This then brought up an interesting topic as I asked him when he got married and whether or not he tried to get his business established first before diving into a married life. I would imagine it must be something that requires a lot of your time and energy while creating additional financial challenges.

He then told me that he got married when he was 28 and in no way did he even consider trying to get the business fully established first before doing so. His reasoning was that it takes a long time to do and that if he had waited he would be too old by then. Instead, he wanted to find the ideal person and then try to grow and establish it together with women in his life. That was an enlightening way to look at it I thought.

I’m sure people have different views on this as I’ve seen things work with various directions. Whatever works I guess. Towards the end he kind of implied in a joking way that I should start looking soon. I re-affirmed my current direction and that if I meet someone then great, but I would rather stay focused on certain things to make things simpler for the time being.

Then came a funny part as when I said that he kind of stopped cutting my hair for a moment and said if I was seriously considering because he has a list of a lot of people he would send my way. The only witty response I could think of was I asked him if his plan was to add dating services to his business and that he was trying to use me as a test subject.

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