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Are Those Entertainment Coupon Books Worth It

2016 entertainment coupon book vancouver

I decided to try something different for the sake of money saving research where I purchased this 2016 entertainment savings book for a little over ten dollars. I am not one to buy these types of items usually so I didn’t really have much of an expectation. I was actually more interested in the digital app at first as it sounds way more convenient than having to cut out coupons. Unfortunately, the first thing I noticed was how there were a lot of closed businesses on this thing. Example, “Target Canada” was one of the featured offers and we all know they left Canada not too long ago.

Dining out type of coupons is what seemed to be the most prevalent to me and I can easily see how you could get your return of investment back pretty quickly if you are one to go to restaurants a lot. Example, there are quite a few restaurants it seems where if you order one entree you would get a second one for free. So that in itself is pretty much the investment of the book already. I can easily see how I would use like these ice cream coupons for when I am out with the niece and nephew during the summer time as an example as again there are a ton of buy one get one free offers.

Some of the coupons I noticed can be frequently found through other means. For example, for one retail store I pretty much get a 20% off coupon like every other week. In this case it would be more about convenience as the coupon doesn’t expire until the very end of the year. It made me think if there are people who actually sell coupons for side money as well.

I would probably have a hard time swallowing the $50 listed price if that is truly what it normally costs. For a little over $10 though it kind of seems like a no-brainer if you are usually one of the more adventurous type a well.

entertainment coupon book ten dollars vancouver

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