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Enduring Through A Late Season To Save Money On Expensive Purchases


After all these years I am actually surprised I never bought gloves that would enable me to use touch devices like a smartphone. It’s pretty cold out here at the moment and since I am doing things like flying the drone which requires me to use the smartphone more it’s been a little annoying having to take the gloves off each time I wanted to change a setting.

Of course that led me to see what kind of gloves would be best to invest in. Since I foresee this as a long-term purchase this is one of those times where I don’t mind spending a lot for something with a good quality. The only drawback is obviously gloves are a bigger seller at this time of year which means the prices can be higher than normal in many places. So do I really want to pay like $150 for a pair of gloves where once winter is over the price will probably go on sale a lot more?

It made me think how many times if I often just endure through a season if I don’t already have an expensive item in place where if I don’t absolutely need it then it’s one of those I survived this long without it mentality. Kind of like an air conditioner as while there are moments where it would be nice during the summer spending like $200 in a day or whatever just for maybe a week more of hot weather doesn’t seem necessary to me.

Usually for me the solution is to implement a do it yourself solution in the meantime. Example, use the gloves I have and just add material to make it respond to the screen.

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