Enabling Detailed Statistics For Answers

Enabling Detailed Statistics For Answers

A funny thing happened today as not too long ago I created this video for a community for fun as it simply showed some clips of an event. Didn’t really expect much as it was more for the community itself. However, for some reason the video got thousands of views from other sources which made me wonder where all the traffic came from.

One unfortunate thing was I didn’t exactly setup the video to an external statistics program and so I didn’t really have much to go on. Instead, I looked at some basic statistics and it seemed like a large chunk of it came from a post on Facebook. You can usually learn so much using analytic tools ranging from where the audience came from to what makes people take action. I know a lot of people are intimidated to get into things like that, but if you are running a business it’s no different than calculating your daily sales I say. I personally find all that accounting work more difficult than using online statistics programs.

If anything, just have the option where things like this are enabled so that you will at least have the option to go back and look at them if for some reason you are not ready to do so now.

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