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Empty Objects To Inspire Savings

The other day I was talking to a person that normally buys bottled water as he simply didn’t have the confidence in drinking his tap water. Eventually, he found that there were four litre jugs of water that seemed more convenient and cheaper for him to buy. Therefore, he bought two. Now you would assume that he would just just simply go to the stores and buy these ones now correct? Surprisingly, that wasn’t the case.

What ended up happening is that it dawned to him that these jugs were pretty big and he could simply just fill it up with water himself and didn’t see much difference to it. And yes, he was talking about the tap water. Because of that, he can now easily save and extra $3 to $6 each trip. Kind of crazy when you think about it as all it took is some kind of empty container/jug to make one realize that it can be a waste of money to not just do it yourself.

Makes you wonder if that can help you in other aspects as well where all you need is just something visual to get it to click to you on how much money you are throwing away. Almost like being a kid where when you see a large empty storage of some kind you are inclined to want to do something to fill it up to make it seem more productive.

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