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Emphasizing Your Gender

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I always found this to be a little interesting where when it comes to certain professions people explicitly emphasize their gender as a marketing tool to help attract customers. I guess in many ways it must work too. It is a little odd though when I see a profession such as a dentist use this as a marketing tool. Does the gender of the person really matter in that case where you think you will be getting a more or less competent person?

I suppose in many ways it can be an effective way to capture a niche in a market as it can be very similar to say trying to attract moms if the business deals with family related merchandise. At the same you would essentially be playing to the the stereotypes as people generally speaking don’t want to bother researching much. For example, if you were looking to buy a car stereotypically people would assume and trust males more whereas for items that are relationship related people tend to believe that a female is better at that.

It’s interesting when it comes to topics too like finance as this seems to be a split in terms of if people believe a female or male is better at managing money. Though in cases like these I would think you would base it more on whoever can relate to your experience best. But again, that is the long way of doing things and so I guess you can see why in that case people would just use your gender to presume things such as knowledge and qualifications. It’s one of those situations where do you spend time educating people or do you simply take advantage of the stereotypes?

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