Embracing The Chance To Create Something New And Unpolished

Embracing The Chance To Create Something New And Unpolished

I was watching a video recently where a group of professionals originally had this great idea to do a collaboration which would involve traveling to various places as they create a film of the entire journey. It was special to people who normally consumed that kind of content as it is like seeing all your favorite TV show characters appearing in a crossover episode. Because of the pandemic though travels plans had to be scrapped.

I always like to see what entrepreneurs do during times like these because it’s usually in these tough times where you truly find out what people are made of as they say. In this case they seemed to have embraced the idea of video conferencing and just trying to be authentic. This is versus publishing something that is usually very polished where you would imagine there were a ton of people involved in the creation of the work.

But being not as polished helped them it seemed since everyone watching understood the situation. Imagine if they felt that they could never create something unless they had everything as it would have been without this pandemic. One would probably self-doubt themselves to the point where noting would have been made. But they did end up just creating the unpolished product and it was still a success.

It really is a good time to experiment and try different ways of doing things since again everyone is more understanding of the circumstance. It’s better than doing nothing where things could never be the same again.

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