Effecting A Business Reputation By Discussing Politics

Effecting A Business Reputation By Discussing Politics

The one thing I have often heard from the very beginning is that if you are a business you should stay away from any political items as it’s one of those topics where you can never win and will result in dividing your userbase who will get into a lot of arguments. What got me thinking about this is that I was just watching a video on YouTube for fun that dealt with animals and that seemed to be the theme of a channel.

However, upon looking at the channel’s recent work there was one where they were talking to a politician about events that in no way relates to his subject. As you would imagine they got so much negative feedback about that where the conclusion was they were compensated in some way to produce the video.

That then made me wonder If ultimately in the big picture it truly does hurt the business to the point where whatever they got as a form of compensation was not worth it. Because from seeing their work I didn’t notice any extreme drops in terms of people watching them as an example. It’s almost like many people simply see it as a paid advertisement that annoys them but understands that they are doing it for the money. Does that actually negate the apprehension as if it was simply a paid commercial break on TV as an example?

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