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Education VS Experience In Business

I was watching a video today that had a group of successful business people who were being ridiculed by a person who had a very accomplished educational background in business and as a result he thought that he could use that as a way to belittle everyone else. Now keep in mind that these business people literally own multi-million dollar businesses and to say that they are successful when it comes to business is an understatement.

I couldn’t believe that the person was so into himself and believing that his educational background somehow made his opinion the only valid one amongst those other people. As expected, the business owners kind of laughed over that notion and then mentioned how someone who is successful actually has proof that they have what it takes to succeed in the real business world.

While education is definitely important, I personally think too many times there are people who believe that having a piece of paper on how you completed a program somehow automatically puts you in the same league as someone with real world experience and is already successful at what they do. I often see this kind of conflict in normal working environment as well when it comes to say a person’s wage as some people argue that their 4 year University degree should entitle them to more pay as oppose to a person with say 4 years of experience in the industry.

In my opinion though, the bottom line is that a person needs to be smart in how they do business to be successful. To do that, you need a way to gather up knowledge, resources and contacts to aid you in doing so. For the most part in most scenarios, I personally see school as a safer way to help you achieve that where you would spend money to do so and trying to be a self-made person is the riskier and often more brutal route. Either way, I personally believe that whichever route you take it comes down to how smart the person is in being able to apply their skills and knowledge while being able to utilize their resources effectively.

3 Comments to Education VS Experience In Business

  • I chose a company that boasted that the CEO who lead and drove fundamental change to not only the company but to the industry. As an accomplished professional without a degree but a long line of success, I accepted a position and continued to add to my line of success.

    Unfortunately, this CEO was given another opportunity to influence change in an even more gruelling industry. The company reverted to the same mantra of education over experienct. It is a real kick in the …. to know that I can achieve success for a company that today would not look at my success let alone hire me!

    Mary 10/10/2007 7:40 am
  • for me the important of the business is to have clear idea on what you think the good business ventures, it is not important what you have educate and experience. The more important is how to handle risk.

    rexlord 8/15/2008 7:46 pm
  • all i can say, educational is important to built any of business.

    rocel 8/15/2008 7:51 pm

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