Having An Easy And Clear Way To Be Contacted For Proposals

Having An Easy And Clear Way To Be Contacted For Proposals

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Recently I was talking to a person where she kind of seemed frustrated as to why one of her competitors were getting all the offers and deals from various companies. This could be ranging from getting to try out items that aren’t released to the public or being invited to events. It wasn’t a matter of one person being say more influential in the industry as they both seemed to have that in check. But the main issues seemed to be a silly one when you think about it after. It appeared that her competitor had clear guidelines and instructions on how to reach her easily as well as a place where people could post proposals on her site. The person I was talking to didn’t have this as opposed to a generic phone number and e-mail.

To think she was losing all these deals because she didn’t have say a basic contact form for the appropriate people to fill out. It’s almost like a retail store losing all the potential customers to another simply because they don’t post a basic image map of where their store is located whereas the other business does. That would just seem so silly wouldn’t it? Although I am not surprised as many times things need to be made very apparent and easy for people to find you.

Otherwise you have to bank on people really wanting to find you to the point where they have to do the work and research to do so. Usually that would only be reserved if you were a gigantic industry powerhouse as an example.

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