Your Duty or Not To Report Frauds And Scams
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Your Duty or Not To Report Frauds And Scams

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I heard a few conversations today about how often times there are a lot of people who would lie and steal from others where being honest will simply get you taken advantage of. Then interestingly enough I was passed on what seems to be a fairly old video that went viral before of a pregnant lady panhandling for money with her son. The catch was afterwards you would see her drive off with another person in a rather expensive car which means they aren’t exactly poor.

This caught the attention of some regular people which eventually exposed this. The video are kind of interesting which you can see here:

It got me to think, if you knew that people were potentially defrauding others do you consider this as something of a responsibility to get out there or would you just say it’s none of your business and too bad for all the people who got duped? From my own observations and experience I find it strange how most people would just leave it and not want any part of it. This includes even if they were a potential witness to the event.

For myself I usually try to get stories like these out there to the best of my ability where if I don’t have the ability to make a direct difference then my hope is I have at least done my part and put up the factual documentation. Even if the situation doesn’t directly affect my bottom line it usually comes back to all of us one way or another. Example, allowing the person to take money from people who actually need it or who knows what else they do to trick people.

I know it can be tricky as you can be putting yourself in the limelight which can generate unwanted attention. Whenever money is involved you can expect to see a ton of people like this. Kind of shows you too on how for some stuff like this often times to be safer you should offer the help that the person claims they needs as opposed to just giving money.

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