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Dumb But Successful

I was having a funny conversation today as I was talking to a person about a field he was very interested in making a living out of but has always been too lazy to actually do anything to start it. So I started to show him examples on how some everyday people have and are doing what he talks about and are very successful at it. The thing was some of the things these people produced weren’t very creative or are of high quality at all. This is where it got so interesting as he was so tempted to say that those people were “dumb” but he immediately took that back and mentioned that they can’t be dumb as they found a way to make it work for them.

I know most people in those cases wouldn’t even think twice about simply criticizing or giving credit to those that have made something big regardless if everyone perceives their work as bad. I personally always see stories like these as an opportunity to learn as usually in these types of cases these people do the absolute bare-bone minimums in order to get the results that many others desire. It’s a good way to help you evaluate what works and what doesn’t in whatever subject it is that you are interested in being involved with.

On a different note, it is kind of funny in this case as it seems like for the person I was talking to it seems like it will take a lot more examples to make him mad enough to actually do something. Makes you wonder what kind of success from a simple idea one needs to see until they say “no more” and attempt to seriously work towards something.

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