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Don’t Pay For Features That You Never Use

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This week I am researching about TV’s as my parents have been using a TV that is well over a decade old and they have informed me that it has finally worn out to the point where it won’t even turn on anymore. So, time for me to find a good for them.

When it comes to purchasing things, it is so easy to get enticed into buying things with all the latest features as in some ways it makes sense as if you are going to buy something new for the long term then you may as well get everything that you need for now and the future. Usually though, people end up paying for things that they don’t need. I think cell phones are a great example of this as I know people who really don’t use them for anything more than just talking on the phone yet they spent hundreds of dollars for features such as having a high quality camera feature or the ability to play graphically intense games.

When it comes to extra features on services or products, I usually decide whether or not it is worth it based on if it is actually improving my experience as oppose to it simply being better than something else. Electronic products are usually the biggest culprit for most people as just the mention of something along the lines of “This product is double the power for only this much more” usually gets most people to pay more as it sounds like the smart thing to do. It’s like that old analogy, what’s the point in having a car that drives 300 km/h when you only drive 50 km/h?

As always, it helps to research about what you want to buy ahead of time or simply ask a person who knows a lot about it.

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