Dollar Value Given Price Charging To A Consumer

Dollar Value Given Price Charging To A Consumer

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There was an article recently that talked about a subject that I often heard a lot about. It dealt with lawyers and how so many people charge $250 an hour for services that are just mind boggling to many as people can’t wrap their heads around people making so much money for work that takes a few minutes. Now the normal reasons you hear came up such as you are paying for all the time and education they went through to be able to do that work. That make sense for most types of trade skill in various categories.

There was one lawyer though that justified his fee based on how much he could get people. For example, if he could get someone one million dollars for whatever the matter may be then him charging say $200,000 for ten hours of work is perfectly justified as the client is still getting huge value for his work. That feels kind of weird to me overall even if I was to try and relate that with other professions and fields.

For example, it’s kind of like saying if you needed a translator to simply live translate a contract negotiation where you would get a million dollars then it makes sense for me to charge $200,000 for my services. Doesn’t that feel weird still? I could say maybe I have very good accuracy, took years to master and so forth but to me it just feels weird overall using that as a way to price for a service many times. Then again it is a business where I suppose it’s more power to people who can charge that much and have people fully willing to.

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