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Doing Taxes Manually or With A Software

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I know most people would hold off in doing their taxes until April or so, but for myself I pretty much have to do it early or else it will create a major headache down the road. For the most part I have used commercial software programs to do my taxes as it makes everything so much easier I find anyways.

I was actually debating if I dared to do it manually this year. Last year I used Quicktax Incorporated and it wasn’t exactly the best piece of software I found. As well, factor in that the product costs a little over $150 on average it kind of makes me want to look for alternatives.

I did notice that for personal use H&R block seems to have its own software available for the public this year. Wonder how that one is. While I can’t actually submit anything as I have yet to receive any of those government codes to register a return, it never hurts just to have everything prepared so that once it comes all you have to do is submit it.

5 Comments to Doing Taxes Manually or With A Software

  • Don’t I remember a certain person doing a TV interview about tax software a couple of years back? 🙂

    $150 sounds a lot – I thought most of the options like Quick Tax, Ufile etc were a lot cheaper.

    Personally I pay a bit extra and hand over all of mine to a CGA who does an excellent job. For me it’s making sure I have all the receipts I need organised and ready and this year incredibly I am 95% done!

    Stewart 1/4/2009 10:27 am
  • Didn’t you miss that episode? :mrgreen:

    Oh, the $150 is for the incorporated business versions. The cheaper ones, the ones I talked about during that TV segment too, was the personal income tax versions.

    Alan Yu 1/4/2009 12:56 pm
  • I was doing some research trying to figure out which tax software to try this year and most personal tax software is between $20-80 for 2 returns depending on what you are looking for i.e. 2 tax returns included or pay per return with the online products.

    I haven’t used a business tax software before but I have used QuickTax Standard. I think it was about $40 and let me do two returns. It was pretty easy but i was curious if there was other software so i have been checking out HR Block and Ufile. When I was checking out HR block’s website I found that they are just re-labeling Ufile’s product HR Block is charging more for their software than Ufile but its the same software.

    terance 1/5/2009 5:25 am
  • Thanks for posting the information you found there Terence.

    I think Quicktax increased the number of people that you can file your taxes for due to the competition pressure. I believe it is 8 returns now. I’ll try to hunt down the e-mail that I got from them.

    I used to use Quicktax every year for personal returns until last year when I thought the changes weren’t very fair, so I went with Ufile.

    The other option I reviewed before was TaxTron where you can see at . If price is what you are looking for that is definitely one of the cheapest options out there.

    Alan Yu 1/5/2009 1:43 pm
  • Here is a snip of the e-mail I got from Quicktax a few weeks ago about the 8 return filings:
    NEW! Includes 8 returns. Prepare and file up to
    8 returns for individual net
    incomes over $25,000.

    Dear Alan,

    The holidays are all about sharing. And when you buy
    QuickTax 2008, you get 8 returns included. So you can
    do your family’s taxes with just one software purchase.

    Plus, you can relax knowing that whatever changes
    came into your life this past year, QuickTax can handle them all and help to maximize your deductions. Even better, QuickTax carries forward your information if you filed your taxes with us last year.

    Alan Yu 1/5/2009 3:19 pm

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