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Doing It Yourself Or With A Franchise

I was looking at a list of available franchises here today which ranged from small utility places to well known restaurants such as Mcdonalds. It also listed things like grocery stores and the cost of the franchise was over $400,000. These aren’t supermarket type of stores either as they are like the size of a store at the mall.

This then made me think how in an old neighborhood I used to live in there was a person who started selling a small amount groceries because he said he was bored and wanted something to do. He was in that business too before he retired so he knew where to find all the suppliers. It made me wonder why you would want to spend $400,000 in that case. Granted you getting the backing like the company name and training, but in a scenario like that I would think the success is more about having the right location and finding quality produce and such.

Usually with that franchise example too people would use that a the reason to say it is way too expensive to start a business. But as mentioned with the other guy it’s almost like all he did was buy a bunch of fruits wholesale from a farmer and started to sell it to people like a corner store operation. Anyone could do it in that case as it is very accessible too.

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