Doing Business With Your Competition or Not

Doing Business With Your Competition or Not

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Recently I thought it would be beneficial to get some consulting for an area that I was studying as I was in no rush to learn everything and for the most part have been taking my time. However, for some items I felt it would be more productive to get some experts to explain the subject matter to make sure I wasn’t misinterpreting any of the information.

So I contacted a company that I have worked with in the past as they are supposed to be experts in the subject. I was a bit surprised though as in their response they indicated that they weren’t 100% sure about the subject matter. Therefore they asked if I inquired at a different company as they may know the answer. I was actually kind of surprised that they would recommend a competitor of sort. Even though realistically if you think about it people do it all the time if they can’t specifically help the customer.

It’s one of those things where people often tell you to crush the competition in every way because they are your enemy that could put you out of business. But I suppose the other perspective is that there is room for everyone to succeed while helping each other make the industry bigger and better. Which path would you choose?

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