If It Doesn’t Make Money It’s A Toy
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If It Doesn’t Make Money It’s A Toy

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This was a funny comment today as my martial arts instructor was super fascinated about the drone I used as he wouldn’t believe that the drone would have the ability to land and take off at a far away distance. At the same time having the ability to return to its home mark with a push of a button. In his mind a drone was like an RC toy of sorts. Therefore, he really wanted to see it in action himself.

After I did flight he was still dumbfounded as to how it was able to do what it did. Afterwards I asked him what he thought about the drone now and his response was if the thing doesn’t make you money then to him it is still a toy. It was a funny response but what made it even more humorous was in many ways he was dead serious about that notion where if something you own doesn’t bring in money then it is not say a professional equipment.

Actually, it kind of made me think how nowadays anyways so many people actually use really low tech items to generate revenue when they are starting out. This can range from using very low resolution cameras to do it yourself tools. In many ways you can use almost anything to help you in your income generating process. Like if I really wanted too I am sure I can use a low end drone with a very bad camera attached to it and still find a way to use it for commercial reasons if I really wanted to.

With that in mind you should never underestimate how much you can do with those simple “toys” as my instructor would call it. In many ways it comes down to the user and how they maximize the use of their resources.

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