Does Wasting Food Items Make You Shop And Save Better Later On
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Does Wasting Food Items Make You Shop And Save Better Later On


Many times people spend a ton of money when they get to the grocery store even though they don’t necessarily need or intend to use a specific item anytime soon. The common reason is because it is on sale or you may as well buy it since you are there. The other day a person was telling me how they had a bottle of cooking oil that was over 5 years old that they just threw away. Yes, 5 years old. It was bought when the person moved to a new place but for whatever reason they never ended up using it.

They were expressing how that was such a waste of money. While it didn’t break the bank or anything it was interesting to see how because of this the person will be more subconscious before just buying anything at the supermarket unless they see an immediate use for it. It really did make me wonder because for a lot of people I know if they wasted food or it went stale they would just throw it away without much thought that they need to do better next time in terms of planning their purchases.

So what was the difference? The only thing I could really think is that it is more embarrassing I guess having something sit there for 5 years. So maybe like with food waste if you are one to not care about throwing away stuff here and there maybe actually keeping a record and seeing it all together will give you the same feeling that you need to do better as it is such a waste of money. Almost like a restaurant on how you have to keep track of waste.

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