Does Spending Too Much Make You Dumber?
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Does Spending Too Much Make You Dumber?

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This was just a joke that came out of a conversation some other people with, but it was true in some ways. When you think about it, there are so many things that we pay for in order to make our life easier or more convenient. In a sense, they aren’t a necessity and yet we kind of adapt our life in a way as if we do need it.

What triggered this conversation for us was this GPS device that a person was using as it was pretty high tech and was a lot of money as well. Now normally when you are going to an area after visiting it a couple of times you would kind of remember say street names and landmarks to help find your way back.

Instead, this person could care less about remembering as this GPS device is how he finds his way to places all the time. Literally, if you took it away from him he would be lost. It’s almost like a person never bothering to learn to read as instead they grew up with too much money and hired others to read for them.

So with that, we were just joking that the more you spend on unnecessary purchases the dumber you get. Of course, the point in general was to try and be less reliant in buying things to think and do tasks for you so that not only you can save yourself a lot of money but also you can make yourself more knowledgeable and independent.

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