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Does Selling Your Business Make You Evil

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I was reading some news today on how the founder of Wind Mobile decided to sell his company to another company and apparently a ton of people are claiming he is like an evil business man as this proves everything was about money. From what I gather most of the negativity comes from the thought that the company’s motto seems to be about creating competition and providing better support whereas this example to many showed it was more about getting the business to a good enough point where one can then sell it for some decent money.

Does that make an entrepreneur a bad person? My initial thoughts were that I can’t really think of one business that isn’t in it for the money where the bottom line is it needs to generate profit to stay afloat. So therefore people deciding to sell their business if people were offering them the right price doesn’t surprise me much. I think the only “evil” thing about it is if someone intentionally played with say people’s trust to get generate customer’s in the first place. For example, a company saying they will never leave their local area as they want to keep the jobs there as a key point to convince people to buy from them only to then see they are moving once someone presents them with enough money.

At the same time I would ask as the entrepreneur would you care if people labelled you as the bad guy as long as you made your money in these situations? I suppose if you ever intend to enter into the same industry again then one might as the customers you are targeting will probably be the same people.

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