Documenting Your Success And Projects

Documenting Your Success And Projects

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It’s funny as one complaint people often have these days is how people feel the need to take selfies and all with everything they do. Whether it just be the meals they are eating or shows they are attending everyone feels the need to document it in a certain way. While a lot of people find that disturbing and annoying it’s kind of funny as recently I was talking to a person who regrets not doing that more.

Essentially the person is super accomplished and have attended a tone of prestigious events where recently they wanted to rebrand with things like a site. The unfortunate part was they didn’t really take too many pictures and stuff of all the work they did on-site and the places they got to attend. So because of that now they are going to be more diligent about taking selfies and such.

I still have old newspapers and video clips of all the publicly documented success I have had as an example because you never know when you will need that stuff. For example, I know in some countries if you plan to move there they want proof that you are an accomplished individual. So imagine not having any material to aid with that. Documenting your business life in that sense is a good idea in many ways. It can be for fun and business too.

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