Do You Wait Until A Good Deal For Sudden Munchies
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Do You Wait Until A Good Deal For Sudden Munchies

While this was expected, I was looking at the price of airline food during my flight and sure enough the prices seemed pretty outrageous. For example, a couple of small sticks of celery and carrots for $5? This flight was only about two and a half hours long and so even if I was hungry I would be inclined to simply wait until I get home. I find that I have a habit of doing this which tends to save me a lot of money overall.

I know many people though who simply purchase things like this even at those prices as long as they have enough cash in their wallet as an example. In that sense, it’s kind of enticing if you carry too much cash with you. Because of this habit for me too I tend to plan my time and meals to help avoid being in a situation like this. Essentially, these kinds of purchases would be more about indulging as opposed to a need which makes it easier to ignore.

I know we all have busy lives and things such as meal planning for whatever reason is usually at the bottom of the totem pole. Kind of weird when you think about it as it kind of plays an important part in our day. If anything though, I usually wait until I can find somewhere reasonable to buy the items such as a grocery store.

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