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Do You Speak Up or Stay Quiet

Interesting situation today as there was a scenario where I felt a particular individual was being kind or rude in the way she was speaking to others. This wasn’t a situation with random strangers too as opposed to people that would have to work together. The tricky thing was this is a situation that is kind of like say a client or customer being rude to a staff member. Therefore, you tend to not want to say anything extreme as you know there is a high chance that saying anything will create conflict and as well may limit any future opportunities of a working relationship with the individual.

So in those cases are you inclined to say something anyways out of the sheer principle or are you inclined to not say anything to help maintain that business relationship? Usually the most common answer is it depends on how big the person is in terms of financial or industry strength. At the same time, this is one of those situations where on paper people would say for sure they would say something when in actuality they wouldn’t at the time of the event. If I really feel strongly about something then I would probably do it through other means instead of being directly confrontational. Example, with people being rude I often find that ironically allowing them to do it in-front of a lot of other people usually gets the job done where eventually they realize that what they are doing isn’t exactly helping their image.

I don’t think it’s usually a good choice to just macho in on something as if you are two kids trying to intimidate the other until the other one caves in. That usually then creates more hate as the topic then becomes more about the other wanting to get back at you.

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