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Do You Mix Up Services To Get The Cheapest Rate

So today I got a phone call from the number 760-705-8888 and immediately I thought it was from a telemarketer as I didn’t recognize the number. Therefore, I allowed the call to go to the voice-mail and decided to research where the number originated from. Apparently the number was from people who use the service Google Voice. The funny thing was when I checked the voice mail it was from my dad.

I was then asking afterwards if that was him and he confirmed it was. When asked why he was using the service to make calls he was saying how his current cell phone plan allows free incoming calls whereas outgoing calls cost him money. Therefore, what he is doing is he is using Google Voice to call people for free and if people call him directly he doesn’t have to pay anymore with his pay to talk plan.

Kind of an interesting way to mix and match various services I thought in an effort to save as much money as possible. It made me wonder what other services you could do this for if you are really trying to save money. Maybe someone else out there has an interesting idea to share along these lines too.

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