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Do You Let Your Haters Know You Are Benefiting

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What a funny and interesting topic this was as I was reading about a person who literally makes a living out of all the publicity he gets from all the people that hate her. Essentially, these people try their darnest to find information in an effort to embarrass him or they go out of their way to try and make everything that he publishes negative. Almost like borderline stalkers I guess you can say.

The funny thing is it seems like their mentality is that he is getting hurt this way whereas in reality he is actually benefiting from all the publicity they are giving her. It’s almost like having your own tv show where someone is trying so hard to hate a show yet they themselves end up watching everything which means it’s still good when it comes to ratings and viewership. I was just thinking in that scenario if it is better to keep it to yourself and simply let people like that keep doing what they are doing.

I would think in those scenarios usually too you would have an audience that is positive and so it only makes sense to focus your energy mainly on them. If anything usually the two sides will end up debating on their own, so to speak, so you can focus in actually progressing in making whatever it is you are trying to build better.

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