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Do You Hold Off Buying Until You Have Everything Set

The other day I was talking to a person that was interested in starting up a website with the intent to generate income with it. As you may expect, this involves him having to spend money on items such as the price in registering a domain as well as selecting a web host. Now normally domains cost about $10 US when you factor in all the fees. However, I recently saw a deal where a company was allowing new customers to register the domain for about $2 all in.

I then told him about this and surprisingly he told me that he would hold off as he still didn’t know which web host he wanted that would fit his budget. With an 80% savings in that case, I would have purchased it no questions asked as I know for sure it is something that I would need to get in the future and things like a domain registration is almost like buying the rights for a property where if you are too slow someone else could easily swoop in and take it.

The main times I would hold off buying everything unless everything was set is if I knew whatever it is I was buying can potentially drop in value tremendously where by the time I buy one item the other would become extremely cheaper. A good example would be buying a computer where if you buy a printer cause it was on sale where the price looked good but you are still not sure when you will buy an actual desktop. Like with that I can see holding off as that is an item that can easily drop in value.

But like with the above example, I would say the price was so low and since it involves securing a property of sort that you will need that it only makes sense to do so where it’s more like a one thing down on your to do list.

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