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Do Other People’s Income Really Affect Yours?

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I just watched a news segment that was talking about the shrinking middle class in Canada and how the gap between the rich and the poor has overwhelmingly been increased over the past few years. They then showed statistics on how much the salaries of high ranking executives have increased whereas average workers have say two jobs and can’t get by. The other message was that the executives don’t do anymore work than they have in the past which is the opposite for regular workers as their workload has increased.

While obviously every situation is different, I personally think that type of thinking puts people in that entitlement mentality where they believe they shouldn’t have to do anything different. For the most part, wouldn’t it be true that if the executive wasn’t working any harder or different per say then the company would be out of business or it would drastically lose market share as another company who did work harder and smarter would take it from them? So obviously that person is doing something right to maintain that success. Instead of say learning from that, this report felt like it was implying that their success stopped people from making things happen for themselves which is an unfair circumstance.

In my opinion, even if you made say a law that every person’s wage must increase by the same percentage, we would still have the same problems just in a different way. I mean, if you give a guy that is bad with money a million dollars the odds are he is going to get himself into a slump again. If working multiple jobs isn’t doing the trick then look for alternative ways to supplement your income or maybe your lifestyle needs some adjustment. Some people don’t actually earn more money to make more money but rather they learn how to save money better which in turn gives them more to spend on other things.

Another good example where you can always do more, whenever you make money stop spending it on unnecessary things and buy things that will help you to make more money. It’s a simple concept when you think about it, but for some reason a lot of people object to it. Why sit there worrying about what others have that you don’t when you can focus on what you do have and how you can use that to make things better? The usual response to that from some people is that if it is that easy then simply show them ways to do so and they’ll be set. Just that sentence alone kind of indicates that the person wants to fail to prove their point. Similarly, it’s like they want people to hand things to them.

In my opinion, there is always something that you can be doing to say generate more income if that is what you really want. Now whether or not one has the discipline and work ethic to follow through with their desire is another question. I personally don’t think that just because some guy is making say a seven figure income that it somehow stops anyone else from doing the same.

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