Displaying Sold Out Sale Prices For Marketing

Displaying Sold Out Sale Prices For Marketing

While I was browsing around various sites to see if there was a sale on some equipment I was interested in there was indeed some good sales at various places. There was one place where I know for a fact that hey carry the product but for some reason the site wasn’t listing it. As it turns out, the product was sold out and the procedure for such items is to not make it searchable by the looks of it. I’m guessing a reason it was sold out was because of the sale price.

That’s kind of a little thing business wise where It’s a mistake I feel to hide the listing from being searched or displayed publicly as even it is sold out it can still act as great advertisement for your business. For example, whenever I see a great sale price that I missed I will always then keep that in mind to check what’s new with that same business in the future to hopefully catch an equally good deal. A lot of sites would simply display that they have zero items in stock even if it is sold out.

Having more people see it too increases the odd that it will be shared around either through links or people taking screenshots for others to see. It’s a lost opportunity if you try and hide it.

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