Discounts Like These Make You Never Want To Pay Full Retail
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Discounts Like These Make You Never Want To Pay Full Retail

I thought it was about time to replace a pair of shoe that seems to be pretty worn out. Therefore, that means it is time to start hunting for some good deals. Then I saw that there was this one pair of shoe that was being advertised as $41 off from its original price of $200. In general, that sounds like a pretty big discount right? In doing my research it seems like most places did sell this show for like $200 too.


When it comes to things like shoes and clothing though I know that the markup can be ridiculous. Therefore, I decided to see if I could find some discount codes. Sure enough I did and the discount code allowed me to take 60% off the order. Yes, 60%. So as you can see here, you would get an additional $95.99 off the retail price where the total for this shoe would now be $71.68 all in.


That is an insane difference from the $200 huh? These things have to be marked up extremely high to be able to offer such discounts. For myself, seeing these kinds of differences on a frequent basis makes me not want to pay full retail whenever possible. One way to make money is to save money.

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