Discounts In Exchange For Feedbacks

Discounts In Exchange For Feedbacks

I thought this was interesting as recently I read about a new company that was starting up and it appeared that they were trying to test the waters a bit to see how well people would react to their services. Their strategy was to offer people a discount on their regular rates in exchange for feedbacks and testimony.

This is pretty common for consumer research type of companies where there are a lot of things ranging from taste testing food to watching free movies in exchange for your feedbacks and comments. It can be a great way to introduce your products and services as well to the market.

Some people even do that for advertising as well. Essentially, they give away free advertisements on their show or publication and if the advertiser gets good results and starts publicizing it then everyone is going to want to advertise with you. Once the demand is there, then one would start charging a rate of some sort. Not a bad approach if you are starting out in a venture.

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