Discounts Based On How Much You Make
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Discounts Based On How Much You Make

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Recently I visited a martial arts studio as I was interested in finding a place that had a flexible schedule while genuinely having a good program for the public. Of course, even I know that these types of places are normally very commercial where they seem to have an abundant of hidden fees which you only find out afterwards.

There was one place that was very interesting though I must say. In an effort to find more customers, the people running the operation would constantly talk to the potential customer about what they do for a living and afterwards the conversation would go into the fees associated with training at this particular place.

When I first stepped in, the person mentioned to me on how I shouldn’t worry about the money at all as they were more motivated in teaching people. What I noticed was that depending on what the person said their profession was, everyone seemed to have been offered a different rate. While I suppose again that is an effort to get as many people as possible, I can’t help but to think how certain people are being taken advantage of.

Ironically, for myself it makes it feel like the business is actually more into money as it is almost like some kind of strategy to take as much money from people as possible where they wouldn’t be too apprehensive about. Although, I must admit that because of things like this in general this is usually why it is good to simply act “normal” whenever you deal with people. It’s always interesting to see how people treat you when they have no clue about your financial situation in life.

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