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Digital TV Spending

So recently it was announced that the US is delaying its digital transition for another 4 months or so. That should give people more time to plan out their spending if they happen to be in the group of people who are still using analog solutions. The funny thing here in Canada I noticed is that this won’t actually affect many people here yet some people think that they have to say buy an HDTV to be able to get various channels afterwards.

For the most part, unless you are using those very old rabbit ear types of TV then you really won’t need to worry. There are even some people who have say digital boxes but think that they need to upgrade to an HD one. Although, this almost reminds me of people that are still using dial-up for their Internet connections. I would think you could probably get a deal that is in-line with what you currently spend on that old technology for something more modern day.

The thing with TV’s too I noticed these days is that there a ton of people who are looking to get rid of their old TVs for free. Usually these are the older CRT ones and people have simply upgraded it to something bigger and slimmer. So if I was in those situations where I would be grumbling about having to upgrade when I am not too enthusiastic about watching TV too much then my first inclination would be to look at some kind of classifieds to see if anyone is trying to get rid of theirs. That’s one way to save a few hundred dollars.

With how much content you can get on the Internet these days another option can be to just turn your computer into your TV. Works very well for a lot of people and even for myself while I still use cable many times I use the computer to watch it. Saves money from buying say additional TVs for places where you wouldn’t normally use the TV that much.

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