Different Income Sources For Different Wants
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Different Income Sources For Different Wants

Even when I was a kid I have often heard about people who worked at multiple jobs as for them they felt that is was necessary to maintain their current lifestyle. While each job paid differently, essentially a common theme was that people would use all of the income from one job to pay for living expenses and the money from another as the recreation fund.

Recently I was thinking of upgrading my digital camera to one that can shoot HD video as well and the first thing that comes to my mind is that this was a want and not a need. Therefore, usually in this situation I try to find ways to generate an income that is outside of my main source, which is meant for daily living, to justify the purchase regardless of how much money I currently have.

I find that is a good way to not drain your funds unexpectedly as a result of impulsive purchases. At the same time, it makes you appreciate your own time more I’d say while making yourself more resourceful.

Even if you are not an entrepreneurial type it could be that to get that $500 item you decide to work part time, like once a week, to raise enough money to buy it. Or if you are entrepreneurial then maybe you will think of something up such as selling bottled water to people in the summer time. General common sense too in many ways where if you have more money going out then you need something that will bring more money in too to make everything even.

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