Determining Which Ideas To Act Upon

Determining Which Ideas To Act Upon

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A lot of times when it comes to trying to start something new for financial gains the biggest hurdle is actually getting started. Example, most people rightfully have a skeptical attitude such as wondering how much they can make and potentially lose. As a result, most ideas normally get placed on the shelf.

When it comes to starting something new I think for me the mindset is usually where if I had to do everything myself would I still be able to do it? Example, If I wanted to grow some kind of garden and sell the vegetables can I grow them myself without outside help?

Now ultimately I think most people would agree that time leveraging is what you should be aiming for which means you don’t want to do everything yourself in a sense, but if you are starting out and don’t have millions of disposable income, making sure that you can do all or most of the important aspects of your operations is the important factor for me personally when it comes to choosing what crazy idea to try out.

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