Dependent On Advertisement Funds As A Business

Dependent On Advertisement Funds As A Business

In recent news here in Canada platforms such as Facebook and Google are apparently planning to test out an outright ban of Canadian news content for some people in Canada due to a disagreement with a law that would require platforms to compensate media sources. They don’t seem to be budging and the Canadian government’s response was interesting as one option they have is to hurt the companies financially by refusing to pay advertising dollars with them.

Normally for smaller businesses that would be devastating. But I am thinking for these juggernauts they have so much other options to make money where losing government funding probably isn’t too much of a threat to them. Something to think about from day one too if your sole revenue generating plan is to simply get sponsors and advertisers.

Even businesses like media that traditionally just rely on advertisement have started to try and sell branded merchandise as an example to diversify. It never is a good idea to just rely on one income source too because like here if a dispute arises they can probably use tactics like these against you to get their way.

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