Dental Care Habits Based On Free or Paid Health Care
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Dental Care Habits Based On Free or Paid Health Care

It was announced recently that there will be a plan to integrate dental services to the healthcare system. Normally you would have to either pay out of pocket or have some kind of work benefits as an example to get it covered for free. When I was a kid my parents used to bring me to the dentist to get the teeth cleaned or to pull out tooth that was loose as that is just a part of growing up. It’s free too so why not right?

That’s what got me thinking as for most adults I would say we try and do or best to take care of our oral health where hopefully we wouldn’t need specialized help from the dentist. But with this announcement it was kind of funny to hear how some were expressing now that dental care will be covered they don’t have to care anymore as they can eat all the junk food they want as an example. Kind of like the joke where because healthcare is covered for free here people say they don’t have to worry if they get hit by a car.

But it does raise an interesting point where many times when we can get something for free they may have the tendency to not take things as serious. I know for myself, regardless if a professional service like this is free I would tend to want to develop good habits where I can be self reliant. You just never know when those benefits could be gone as an example. If anything, it should make your visits even better.

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