Deleting Very Old And Inactive Public Accounts or Not

Deleting Very Old And Inactive Public Accounts or Not

I was reading news on how Twitter is going to delete accounts that have been inactive for years in an effort to free up usernames for people who will have use for them. While at first that sounds great, people were expressing how this would be bad for accounts that were originally owned by famous people and are now deceased. It will essentially be erasing a part of history. I can imagine that can be true for just important history information as well.

However, it was expressed that accounts will be archived in some way to preserve all the content. It makes you wonder from a business point of view on whether or not you should always preserve accounts like these even if it costs you money. I can imagine it giving the business some historical value as well. Then again, you could argue that people are always able to delete their own account and data and so you wouldn’t ever truly archive everything.

Unless it is really eating up at your financials to maintain them there is so much added value for a platform I feel to maintain the accounts.

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