Delaying Ride Sharing Competition Instead of Improving

Delaying Ride Sharing Competition Instead of Improving

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Ride sharing is something that is actually still not implemented here yet in Vancouver as the major delay seems mostly due to taxi companies claiming that it is unfair to allow these types of services where everyone should have to abide by the same regulations as they do. For the most part it seems like things were going through where the stipulation now was that everyone participating with companies such as Uber or Lyft must have a Class 4 license here. Essentially, not just anyone with a car and license can operate like how they do in the rest of the world.

So while it seems like everyone was going through there was news that the Vancouver Taxi Association and the BC Taxi Association essentially used legal tactics to potentially delay the process even more. This of course got a lot of regular people to vent on how they were afraid of the competition with many making remarks on how overpriced and slow services will be no more sooner or later.

It did make me think how many times in various industries there are people who advocate for certain laws and restriction where on a surface level they say it’s for things like public safety. In reality it’s more likely because they want to maintain a monopoly of sort in their industry. I suppose it’s one of those do everything you can to stay in the lead huh?

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