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Delaying In Claiming Lottery Winnings

There was a piece of news here about a person that won the lottery and the interesting thing was that his winning ticket was almost a year old. It wasn’t until recently that he decided to claim the prize as he mentioned that he needed time to think about what he would do with his new found wealth.

I have been hearing so many negative opinions about this such as people thinking it is so dumb as the person could have theoretically claimed the prize and let it sit in a savings account while he was thinking it over. This is definitely not the first time I have heard people who don’t come forward in claiming their winnings right away for similar reasons as they need time for it to sink in.

Makes me wonder if anyone could truly be that reckless and uncontrollable where once they have it in their possession they would simply blow it all away. Kind of doesn’t make sense to me though as if you are that disciplined to be able to not claim millions of dollars worth of money for such a long period of time then wouldn’t that kind of mean you are disciplined enough to just claim it and leave it in your bank during the meantime?

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