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Debating Between Time And Money When You Aren’t Busy

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I was hearing a story of a person who was normally very busy where he pretty much had no time to cook and clean where with the money he made it just made more sense to dine out. Nothing wrong with that overall if that is truly the ideal scenario for a person. But then there was a twist where he all of a sudden found himself jobless. He now had barely any money to spend. You would think now this means he should shop and prepare his own meals. But despite this he still spends money dining out which is killing him financially.

I was curious on why this was the case and apparently he said the stuff he made just didn’t taste as good. This could be for something as simple as a cup of coffee. That kind of stuff makes me react where that can often cost five dollars where to me that can easily be a couple of meals if you grocery shop. I think in these cases when time is truly not a factor you should realistically find a way to make it work without having to pay for the luxury of these conveniences.

Like here if you say what you make doesn’t taste as good then I would invest the time to learn how to make stuff where you will enjoy it. You definitely will save time by continuing to dine out but the purpose of that saying is only valid if you are actually making way more money doing what you do with your extra time.

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