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Debating About What The Numbers Mean

I was watching this clip where a person in an effort to try to educate others about his line of work in broadcasting online simply published all these statistics where from there he broke it down to demonstrate how doing certain things either made his business grow or shrink. For example, doing certain events on specific time and dates generated different results. So therefore the most obvious answer would be that those numbers simply tell you that there is a larger audience base during those times such as the majority of people getting off work.

However, that raised up some interesting debate points such as another person placed in a comment that it was more about the person himself as it seemed like he was less enthusiastic and energetic during the daytime when it came to his work. Therefore, the observer’s take on those numbers was that the audience number wasn’t as big simply because his energy and enthusiasm isn’t as big. Another person then tried to bring up a completely different point on how he talks about different subject matters and so there is probably a bigger audience for the things he talks about during the busier times.

It just went on and on and for the most part it’s interesting as I’m sure everyone who is involved in any kind of business or organization of some sort relies on these types of numbers to tell them stories on what is going on and what they can do about it. I think like with that example that is why too it can often be good to get a second opinion when it comes to reading data like these as it is so easy for you to focus on one side of the story whereas others can see something completely different yet relevant.

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