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Debating About Investors And Working Business Capital

So I had a business idea that has been on my mind and recently I have been thinking of seriously starting it. In the process of it, finding a business partner seemed like the most ideal thing to do as there are areas of the idea that I am personally not as knowledgeable about and at the same time it’s usually great to have another person that will be equally as dedicated to it as well to get things going.

One good thing about the idea was how in terms of requiring some kind of capital investment, it really didn’t really require too much as oppose to the time commitment necessary. Therefore, if we were to bring in an investor it would be more to help or accelerate the process as oppose to requiring it in any form. Of course, the main drawback to this is that it means you will have someone to answer to all the time afterwards when it comes to making business decisions.

In a general sense I usually see an investor almost like a credit card in most cases when it comes to a business. Like with a credit card, I use it as a form of convenience to make purchases faster while potentially gaining rewards and not as a way to buy things with money I don’t already have. I would see wanting to get an investor in a similar fashion. Basically, have a strong business idea that you can carry out first and then these guys will help you to accelerate the process if you choose to go that route.

At this point we are still doing some more research and we will probably determine if we want to approach an investor depending on the final execution and growth plan.

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